You found your Las Vegas Muffler shop.

We have low prices for a simple muffler replacement on all makes and models, but we offer much more!

There a few parts that can get broken with the exhaust system:

  • catalytic converter
  • exhaust manifold
  • oxygen sensor
  • muffler
  • exhaust pipe / tail pipe
  • connecting pipes

Luckily, in Las Vegas, rust isn't as prevailing a problem as in more humid climates. Usually, only one of the above problems is the culprit.

Their price ranges vary.

Sometimes you can simply hear a problem with your muffler, sometimes your "check engine" light is sensing a malfunction with your catalytic converter. Be glad you have Charlie's to treat you with an honest analysis/diagnosis and fair price.

Expect quality work that begs for your repeat business. Manifold, muffler, catback, catalytic converter and piping, we ALWAYS install parts that will meet or exceed manufacturers specifications.

Call (702)880-9300 now for a quote on ANY installation!

Muffler - It's sole purpose is to reduce noise by absorption. We can get any muffler you need, from high performance to O.E.M. Most people opt for a cost effective off-brand that meets or exceeds manufacturers specifications....this is our most common installation.

Catalytic Converter - This is where the chemical reaction occurs. It converts toxic gas. A standard "cat", required by EPA regulations, reduces CO, hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen. Every vehicle (after 1975) has a catalytic converter installed as a pollution control device.

Manifold - This collects the exhaust from the cylinders and puts them into one pipe. Most manifolds are designed for cost effectiveness, not performance. They are designed for low production costs and to reduce space. A "header", or "extractor" is an alternative product designed for performance only. Upgrading to a header increases performance, but costs more.

Not only your low priced Las Vegas muffler shop, we also offer high performance, custom exhaust, welding and High Flow Catalytic Converter.

Hours Of Operation

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Don't Let This Happen to You!

A malfunctioning exhaust system can eat giant holes through asphalt


Proudly Servicing Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson and all surrounding

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How can we help?

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Towing anywhere in the Las Vegas Valley for $50 small cars & trucks only

Our customers say the nicest things

“ I took my car to Just Brakes to check on my brakes and they told me my brakes were shot and it would cost $613 to repair them. Then I took my car to Charlies Imports and they fixed them for $180. These guys are great and deserve recognition for a job well done.”

- matthew broderick

“Fantastic service and amazing pricing. Another shop recommended this place to me and I will never take my car anywhere else. They are incredibly knowledgeable and they do their job very well. I highly recommend this place to anyone for their car.”

- Stephanie Rambosek

“Totally love this place. I have been taking my car here for 2 years. They rock always helpful very honest and have extremely reasonable prices. I will never take my car anywhere else...”

- Devyn Choltko

“Worked with Sam. Good guy, didn't need the work I thought I did (brake pads), and if I had needed it, the price quote was excellent (75% lower then dealership). They worked me in immediately as promised. Got me out just as quickly...”

- A Google User

“ I don't write many reviews, but felt I really needed to with this place. Our car's alternator died outside of Vegas. Charlie’s got me in that morning and had the entire job done in like two hours! The owner even lent me his car to drive back to the casino hotel until the job was done. Outstanding service, very impressed! Thanks Charlie’s!”

- Jeremy Franklin

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