Engine Repair / Replace

Hopefully, you just need a tune up. But life isn't always that easy. If you notice a change in your car and it seems to be getting worse...

  • If you need to put a quart or two of oil in between changes...
  • If your "Check Engine Light" is angry at you, and won't shut up...
  • If you begin to realize that knocking noise or shaking isn't your car's happy dance...

Here at Charlie's, you have a master mechanic to diagnose and perform your engine repair or replacement, located in central Las Vegas.

You could simplify your engine parts into two; the cylinder head and block. These house a bunch of smaller parts.

The head will connect your spark plugs and valves (air, fuel and exhaust). The block will hold your crankshaft and resevoir of oil.

Repair and replacement costs will obviously vary from vehicle to vehicle.
Repair / Replace / New / Used / Rebuilt

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Your basic Engine:

In 1876, the first 4-cylinder car engine was built by Nikolaus Otto...some German guy.

There was engines built before this, but they all sucked. Otto's engine served as the prototype for today's automobile engine.

You would think, after 140 years, we would have made some big changes to a car's engine, but NO, it's pretty much the same thing:

  • We use a spark to ignite and explode gas and air inside a little chamber called a cylinder. ("internal combustion")
  • This explosion pushes a piston, which is cylinder-shaped. (Oil makes the piston slide easily up and down the cylinder.)
  • The pistons are connected by metal rods to the crankshaft. The crankshaft rotates around really fast, and this power goes on to spin your wheels. (the spinning power actually goes into your transmission, which uses a bunch of metal gears to "transmit" power to your wheels)

Over the years, people have made this process more efficient. We now "inject" the fuel into the chamber in exact measurements. We have made engines smaller, with more power. We can shut off cylinders when we are idling or coasting.

For the most part, though, its the same basic concept.

People can make metal move really fast using controlled explosions. We are good at it.

Hours Of Operation

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  • 1. Tune Ups / Oil Changes (these two common services might help avoid the next few words you never want to learn)
  • 2. Replace Engine - New, Rebuilt Used Engine
  • 3. Valve Adjustments
  • 4. Timing - Belt, Chain, Cover, Gears
  • 5. Crankshaft Seal


Proudly Servicing Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson and all surrounding

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How can we help?

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Towing anywhere in the Las Vegas Valley for $50 small cars & trucks only

Our customers say the nicest things

“ I took my car to Just Brakes to check on my brakes and they told me my brakes were shot and it would cost $613 to repair them. Then I took my car to Charlies Imports and they fixed them for $180. These guys are great and deserve recognition for a job well done.”

- matthew broderick

“Fantastic service and amazing pricing. Another shop recommended this place to me and I will never take my car anywhere else. They are incredibly knowledgeable and they do their job very well. I highly recommend this place to anyone for their car.”

- Stephanie Rambosek

“Totally love this place. I have been taking my car here for 2 years. They rock always helpful very honest and have extremely reasonable prices. I will never take my car anywhere else...”

- Devyn Choltko

“Worked with Sam. Good guy, didn't need the work I thought I did (brake pads), and if I had needed it, the price quote was excellent (75% lower then dealership). They worked me in immediately as promised. Got me out just as quickly...”

- A Google User

“ I don't write many reviews, but felt I really needed to with this place. Our car's alternator died outside of Vegas. Charlie’s got me in that morning and had the entire job done in like two hours! The owner even lent me his car to drive back to the casino hotel until the job was done. Outstanding service, very impressed! Thanks Charlie’s!”

- Jeremy Franklin

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