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At Charlie's, it's a combination of fair prices on BOTH parts and labor that really cuts your cost. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, the price can vary greatly. One of our specialties at Charlie's Car Repair is low prices on all exhaust system installations.

The "cat" is one of the biggest money savers that comes from our shop!

And you get quality parts installed that meet or exceed the manufacturer's specifications!

We diagnose, service and repair all make and model vehicles, foreign and domestic.

Please call now, 702-880-9300, for a quote.

Warning signs - Does your Catalytic Converter need repair or replacement?

If a "cat" goes bad, it can be the result of it being either clogged or "poisoned". Perhaps it isn't receiving the right mix of exhaust gases, or certain fuel additives are making your catalytic converter function improperly. Many cars will detect a malfunction and activate your check engine light.

13 Common signs that you need catalytic converter repair:

  1. 1. Check Engine Light - It knows these things!
  2. 2. Loss of power - The car doesn't seem to go faster when you push the gas pedal. Sometimes it actually bogs down more the harder you push the gas pedal, or it runs well until you accelerate hard. A partially clogged converter often acts like an engine governor, limiting the actual RPMs to a fast idle. A totally clogged converter causes the engine to quit after a few minutes because of all the increased exhaust back pressure.
  3. 3. Failed a smog test
  4. 4. "Rotten egg" smell - This means it's not removing enough sulfer from your exhaust
  5. 5. Hard shifting or surging
  6. 6. Rattling noise, which is often a broken or loose catalyst.
  7. 7. Sudden drop in gas mileage. - this should be noticeable
  8. 8. Rough idling
  9. 9. Oxgen sensor failure
  10. 10. Overheating - or your temperature gauge is running hotter than normal
  11. 11. Car won't start
  12. 12. Smoke from your exhaust pipe
  13. 13. Dealership asks you to bend over before they give you a quote.

These symptom will vary, depending on the make/model car you have. There's more symptoms than listed, too. A Toyota, GM or Cadillac converter may exhibit different symptoms than a BMW or Nissan Altima catalytic converter . We can diagnose any cat problem in our shop, either manually or electronically for any foreign or domestic vehicle!

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What is a Catalytic Converter?
What does it do?

The combustion chamber of your car produces very harmful chemicals: Hydrocarbons, which produce smoke; Carbon monoxide, which is harmful to breathe; and Nitrogen Oxides, which cause acid rain.Since 1975, the EPA requires all cars to have a catalytic converter.

These chemicals go into the catalytic converter and a chemical reaction occurs. They get "converted", using a "catalyst", into Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and Water.

Alot of heat is required for the necessary reaction to occur, so the "cat" is always located towards the front of the car.

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“ I don't write many reviews, but felt I really needed to with this place. Our car's alternator died outside of Vegas. Charlie’s got me in that morning and had the entire job done in like two hours! The owner even lent me his car to drive back to the casino hotel until the job was done. Outstanding service, very impressed! Thanks Charlie’s!”

- Jeremy Franklin

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